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Beer brewing workshop

Get to work with the kettle

As a group, you can book a beer brewing workshop for 10 to 15 people. From 3 September, you can attend a workshop on the first and third Friday ànd the third Saturday in the month.

On the first Saturday in the month, you can take part in a workshop as an individual.


2.00 pmReception
2.15 pmTo mezzanine with water or lemonade
Brewer’s introduction
Clean filtering vat
Add sugar, herbs and hops
3.00 pmTaste your own beer
3.30 pmPrepare storage tank, add yeast
3.45 pmTo storage tank
4.00 pmTasting session (beer of choice)

Practical information

The beer brewing workshop starts at 2 pm and lasts 2,5 hours.

Attending the workshop costs 50 €. Included in the price:

  • 2 tastings
  • Water or lemonade
  • Professional guidance and explanation
  • 1 crowler (50 cl) and 1 glass

Elixir distilling workshop

Can you sense it bubbling?

During the workshop, you’ll learn how to compose and distill your own elixir.

Only groups can take part in the distilling workshop (10 to 15 people) on the second and fourth Friday ànd the fourth Saturday in the month.


10.00 amReception
10.15 amTo mezzanine with water or lemonade
10.30 amTaste experience – Assemble herbs for distillate
10.45 amFill evaporator, put in herb bag
11.00 amStart distillation
Explanation of how distillation column works
11.20 amAperitif (cocktail)
11.45 amMeal
1.00 pmTaste distillate from distillation column

Practical information

The workshop starts at 10 am, and lasts 3,5 hours.

Attending the workshop costs 80 € pp. Included in the price:

  • Water or lemonade
  • Lunch (pizza / hamburger / vegetarian)
  • Cocktail
  • Tasting
  • Professional guidance and explanation

After the workshop, we make an appointment to collect the bottles of elixir. You’ll receive 1 liter per person, in two bottles of 50 cl.