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What is Batteliek


Batteliek is a microbrewery, microdistillery and lemonade factory established in a former church in Mechelen.

It’s a marvellous place where alchemy and industry intertwine. The experimental cuisine and drinks, developing innovative tastes, are sure to excite your senses.

Has this aroused your curiosity and would you like to get actively involved? If so, you can attend a distilling workshop.

Even if you want to do absolutely nothing, then you’ve come to the right place. The open-plan interior is dotted with cosy seats and quiet spots. Relaxing, meeting others and gazing round in wonder: it’s all possible in Batteliek.

Want to book a table, make your reservation online. For more information send an email

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Microbrewery and -distillery

Batteliek is a brewery, distillery and lemonade factory under one culinary roof.

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You see and hear the drinks served at the table being prepared, brewed and distilled. As well as the Batteliek home-made beers, spirits and lemonades, we offer a selection of drinks from our friends. Would you like to do more than taste and see? Then be sure to Check out our range of workshops!

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Learn to pair

In batteliek you discover that a bitter drink can go with a sweet dish.


Batteliek is a melting pot of taste discoveries and daring combinations. You get to know different beers, spirits and lemonades every season. You can then combine these as you wish with exotic regional dishes. New tastes, an old faithful or something in between. You are at the helm for your incredible journey.

There’s something for everyone

In the restobar, the customer is king, emperor, baron and admiral.

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Really hungry or just a quick snack? You choose whether to be served a small, medium or large portion. And because some days you’re thirstier than others, you can also choose the size of your drink. Would you like your own tasting set? At Batteliek, your culinary ‘cocktail’ is customised, from noon to late evening.

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Brewing and distilling workshops

Immerse yourself in boilers and brewing recipes.

Come and help out with the production of a beer or an elixir. Our boilers have no secrets from you. Check the calendar for your customised beer brewing or distilling workshop.

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